Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 2 Results

Amazingly, through two days of action on the hardwood there have been only 2 games where the higher-seeded (lower numerically) team won: Duke over Virginia, and Georgia Tech over Carolina. It seems that Greensboro should no longer be called the Gate City but rather Upset City! In the ACC Tournament of Rock, once again the results closely mirrored the basketball. In fact, on Day 2 they were exactly the same! Maybe I'm subconsciously cheating by putting songs I like better with the teams I want to win (as Rick! somewhat accused). I think part of the reason is also that there aren't any good bands from Blacksburg or Tallahassee. And while I acknowledge that this could have an unfair influence on the polls, obviously Creed sucking doesn't have anything to do with Florida State being unable to hit a shot! Or does it?

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