Thursday, March 11, 2010

#6 Clemson vs. #11 NC State

Final game of the first day here, and like with Wake Forest earlier, I had a little bit of trouble finding a representative for Clemson. Thankfully, (stands for South Carolina's Information Highway) has a list of Clemson, SC bands and musicians, and on that list lies Lou "Mystic" Usher. According to his site, "Lou has been publicly performing his unique blend of acoustic-electric entertainment throughout the upstate of South Carolina, parts of North Carolina and Georgia since 1994." Check out his cover of Alabama's "Dixieland Delight" below and I'm sure you'll agree he's a perfect representative for Clemson.

Standing in for Raleigh and NC State, I immediately thought of good-time booze-rockers Bandway, and amazingly their album "Night Rock" is available on Lala! Unfortunately I only saw these guys once, at Kings, but it was pretty much perfect. Come to think of it, it's probably a good thing I only saw them that one time, because I wouldn't want that experience tainted by a second show that could have been sub-par. Not that I expect these guys could ever have delivered a lackluster rock performance. Bandway live consisted of one guy singing, one guy playing guitar, and a pre-recorded drum track for accompaniment. And it was one of the most raucous, ridiculous things a person could witness, kind of like being in the crowd at the RBC center if NC State was actually winning (hey, they did beat Duke this year, I'll admit it). I had to choose the song "4-Day Weekend," since that would allow me to actually watch the entirety of the ACC Tournament live, instead of being stuck at work for the first two days. Enjoy.

Lou "Mystic" Usher - Dixieland Delight
Bandway - 4-Day Weekend

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