Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's post again, like we did last month

So I took a little hiatus from blogging there, but I had a lot going on. Besides watching Duke win it all (including actually going to the Final Four in person), I guess I've been kinda busy with work, we had the in-laws visit for Passover, and I've spent a lot of time practicing guitar. In fact, it seems that two of the songs that I find playing in my head most often are two songs we've learned in guitar class that I really wasn't even that familiar with before.

The first one is Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills & Nash, and I'm kind of surprised at my lack of familiarity with it given the fact that it was a big hit. It was also logically covered by Jimmy Buffett, seeing how it has a maritime theme, and apparently Art Garfunkel sings backing vocals on the CSN recording. It features a chorus that makes me laugh every time: "I have been around the world / Lookin' for that woman, girl." He's not looking for a woman, or a girl, but a woman, girl. Anyway, it's a catchy song, no doubt.

The second song is the country rocker Amie by Pure Prairie League. I believe this was pretty much a one-hit wonder, and when we first looked at it in class I didn't recognize it at all, much to the shock of some of the other people in the class. One of the guys in the class said that he had put the song on pretty much every mixtape he had ever made, so you'd figure it must be a pretty good song. And when I went home and listened to the actual song, I realized it was indeed a least a little familiar. Once again, another catchy tune.