Thursday, March 11, 2010

#7 Georgia Tech vs. #10 North Carolina

Of all the first day match-ups, this 7-10 tilt is certainly the one with the most band/song options to choose from. For Atlanta, you've got Black Lips, Deerhunter, R.E.M. (not really, they're from Athens, and you can't pick someone from UGA to represent GT anyway), Outkast, and a plethora of other rappers. In the end I decided to go with Gucci Mane because I have this funny story that involves him that I wanted to use. Last year when I was substitute teaching, I had this class one day where a couple of the students couldn't stop repeating my last name for some reason. Finally I had to ask them, "why do you guys keep saying 'Burr' like that?". They informed me that Gucci Mane, who I had slightly heard of but hadn't really heard any of his songs, says 'burr' a lot. When I asked the kid what specific song so I could check it out, he replied "I dunno, 'Jewelry,' basically all of them." So that's why I'm choosing "Jewelry." The fact that the song is on his mixtape EA Sportscenter also helps.

As for Chapel Hill, of course there are lots of great bands I could have chosen, and I didn't want to just pick something random. After careful consideration, I realized it made sense to go with "Revenge" by Archers of Loaf, off their Vs. The Greatest of All Time EP. The Archers are certainly a quintessential Chapel Hill band. North Carolina will certainly want revenge on Georgia Tech, along with pretty much any ACC team that's not NC State. The Heels' first round opponent is certainly not "the greatest of all time," but the Yellow Jackets do have some quality talent with 3 potential NBA first-.rounders on their roster. Of course, UNC has the most McDonald's All-Americans of any team in the nation, making tonight's game a battle of the ACC's two most underachieving teams. It could potentially be Carolina's last game of the season if they lose, or Paul Hewitt's last season in charge of GT if the Jackets can't get this win. But more importantly for this conversation, can Eric Bachmann defeat Radric Davis?

Gucci Mane - Jewelry
Archers of Loaf - Revenge


  1. The Archers really sum up the season for UNC: "Underacheivers March and Fight Song," "Wrong," "Ethel Merman"--wait, what?

  2. Mike Mills was actually sitting behind the GT bench when they played in Chapel Hill, which pissed me off. I mean he dropped out of UGA, but still he went there.

    And how long has Stingy had his own blog?