Thursday, March 11, 2010

ACC Tournament of Rock!

With the 57th ACC Basketball Tournament kicking off today, I have decided to make a corresponding ACC Tournament of 90's Rock! I have plenty of fond memories of attending ACC tournaments over the years. I've been to at least one game 8 different years, and the entire thing in 1993, 1996, 1999, and 2001. Thankfully I've seen Duke win it 5 times with only one loss, and North Carolina has never won a tournament when I've been in the building.

This is supposed to be more of a music blog though, so I'll keep the sports talk short and move on to the rock 'n roll. My first idea was to pit bands from each of the cities/towns that are home to ACC schools against each other, with the same bracket as the real thing. I figured I'd use some local bands, but then I didn't want people that are in some of those bands that might end up voting in this to choose their own band just for the sake of it, and not really because they liked the song the best. Or on the other hand they might be modest and not want to vote for themselves. Then I figured I could have songs representing the various mascots, like Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil," or "Terrapin" by Syd Barrett. But then I realized that that was already done at a Local 506 music trivia night, so I wasn't going to copy them. So I decided to go back to the city/town thing. I'm still probably going to have to use some local, or lesser known bands in this thing, but that's ok. I don't even know if there are bands from Blacksburg, but I'll find out. I was thinking I should try to make each match-up pretty even, to make things fair, but then that's not how the real tournament is. In a 5 vs. 12 game, the 12th seed should not be as good a team, so it shouldn't be as good a song either. Of course, upsets can always happen. So with that, let's get this thing started!

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