Friday, March 12, 2010

#1 Duke vs. #9 Virginia

Here we are with the first quarterfinal match-up, and it's time for the big boys to take both the court and the stage. Representing my beloved Duke Blue Devils and my hometown of Durham, we have my good friends Jett Rink. Viva recently sent me a 2003 recording of the great tune "Natural Heat," and I'm happy to be able to share it with you for this purpose (hope you don't mind, Veev). I'm hoping the Devils can generate their own 'natural heat' today and in the rest of the neutral-site games they play this postseason, as they won't be able to rely on the atmosphere of Cameron Indoor for that extra boost anymore.

For Jett Rink's opponent, I have decided to go with a song representing the actual winner of yesterday's basketball game, Virgina, rather than the winner of the poll, Boston College. This was the only discrepancy between the poll and the hoops, so it won't matter in the rest of today's games. Plus, people wanted to see David Berman represent his alma mater, so I'm going to give it to them. Again, hard to pick a song here, since they have so many great ones, but I'm going to use "Advice to the Graduate" from their debut album Starlite Walker. For one, I wanted to pick something from an album that Stephen Malkmus played on, since he's a fellow Wahoo. Secondly, the graduation theme seemed appropriately ironic since UVA suspended Sylven Landesberg for not attending ART class (which, by the way, is the name of a Superchunk song). Doesn't appear that he will be graduating in 2012. I probably gave Jett Rink a stronger 9 seed than they deserved, but then that kind of stuff happens with the NCAA committee too, so you just have to live with it and play the team they put in front of you.

Natural Heat by Stingy

Jett Rink - Natural Heat
Silver Jews - Advice to the Graduate

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  1. Running that Jett Rink track is just a trick to get all of your friends to vote for Duke.

    I'm on to you, Stingy.