Sunday, March 14, 2010

Championship Game

Well, as I somewhat expected, nobody but me bothered to vote yesterday, so the "tournament" part of the Tournament of Rock has slid into irrelevancy. But at least people are reading and enjoying the stories and selections, so that's cool.

The championship game today will pit Duke vs. Georgia Tech, just as it did 5 years ago. I remember walking over to Weaver Street after that Duke victory with Wiz and Mohio, basking in the win as well as a sunny spring day. Well, it's only 43 degrees here in the Chi, but at least it's quite sunny for the first time in several days. Maybe a good sign for the Devils? I certainly hope Jonny Schey from the Chi breaks out of his mini-slump today and plays like the All-ACC player he is for both halves of the game. Make us proud Jon!

Durham's entry today is going to be from the mighty, mighty Torch Marauder's Grappling Hook! I regret that I only saw the Hook once before I moved away, but of course I've seen Torch by himself (relatively, that is, what with Video Torch and Tiny Torch) plenty of times. This track comes from a 2007 compilation and is titled "The One I've Been Waiting For." Today's ACC championship game is certainly the one that I and the Duke team have been waiting for all season. Go get it guys!

I don't have a lot of time to write about the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets today, but I'll give them credit for getting 3 wins in a row, regardless of how bad they have looked at times. As Blake has said, they can implode at any moment, and I'll be hoping for that today. I'm going with Deerhunter to represent them this time, and I've selected the track "Focus Group" from Weird Era Cont., because if GT has any change of winning this game, they'll certainly have to focus as a group and limit the bone-headed turnovers they are wont to commit in bunches, not to mention make their free throws. And with that, enjoy the game folks!

The Torch Marauder's Grappling Hook - The One I've Been Waiting For
Deerhunter - Focus Group

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