Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 1 Results

So Day 1 of the ACC Tournament of Rock (and some hip-hop too, whoops) is in the books. Thanks to everyone for reading, voting, and commenting. Interestingly, the winners of the Rock tournament corresponded with the hoops victors in 3 out of 4 cases. Pitbull only managed to win by a score of 2-1, a much closer margin than the real Miami-Wake Forest game, but a win is a win. Georgia Tech managed to overcome plenty of ineptitude, mostly thanks to Derrick Favors, and did just enough to beat UNC. Gucci Mane didn't need to worry about a close game though, as he shut out(!) the Archers 3-0. The first and fourth rock match-ups had the most votes, perhaps because they featured the best songs. To nobody's surprise, Bandway romped over Lou "Mystic" Usher by a score of 5-1, tying in nicely with NC State's 4th win in their last 5 games. Maybe the Cardiac Pack and Sid's red jacket have a few more wins in them. I think State should put "Night Rock" on the locker room stereo before tonight's game with FSU to pump themselves up even further. Finally, the first game of the day was the only one where the rock had a different outcome than the hardwood. BC could not contain Sammy Zeglinski, but in the battle of bands with saxophonists, Dave Matthews and co. couldn't keep up with Dicky Barrett and the gang, as the Bosstones easily won 6-1. With the first quarterfinal tipping off in less than 30 minutes, I better finish this entry and get working on Day 2

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