Saturday, March 13, 2010

#1 Duke vs. #12 Miami

As it was the last time Duke had the top seed in this tournament (2006), the Devils find themselves in the semi-finals facing the upstart 12 seed. Miami has looked pretty great so far, Duke was far from great yesterday but got the job done, so I'm not overlooking this one at all. Repping for Durham this time out is going to be Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan! I chose the song "Stronger Than Dirt" because I think it's a really good song, I like the title (Duke basketball is definitely stronger than dirt baby!), and it made me nostalgic for the good ol' Durham days when I could see CGJ play regularly. One more year in Chicago and then we'll be back everybody!

Miami's entry today comes from Trick Daddy and actually has a personal Durham connection for me. "Shut Up," from the album Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47, was used by Durham Bulls star catcher Toby Hall as his come-to-the-plate music during the 2000 season when I was controlling the electronic scoreboard and putting up funny graphics to match the music. Although I might be remembering it wrong and it may have been Jose Guillen who had "Shut Up" and Toby Hall who had Nelly's "E.I." We definitely used "Party Up" by DMX a lot in those days too, not for a specific player but in late inning situations where we wanted to fire up the crowd. I'd put up this cartoon of Wool E. Bull raising the roof to encourage the crowd to do the same. Good times. This song opens with the classic line, "Ridin' around in my brand new ninety-nine, fo'-do', Volvo." You can see the Volvo in the video too, along with a marching band playing on the field of the Orange Bowl, so you know Trick Daddy supports The U (he also famously had Edgerrin James dunk in his video for "Take it to the House," but you probably knew that). Embedding the video is disabled but here's a link, and you can listen to the song below.

Cantwell Gomez & Jordan - Stronger Than Dirt
Trick Daddy - Shut Up

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