Thursday, March 11, 2010

#5 Wake Forest vs. #12 Miami

Ok, for the second game of the day, we have a contest between two songs that I had not heard before doing this. The first, representing Wake Forest, is by late 90's/early 00's Winston-Salem band Malabaster. I never saw them play, but I did see one of their follow-up bands All Astronauts at least once, at The Wherehouse with Oneida. I chose this song from their 2000 self-titled release because it was recorded live at WXDU, presumably by local music champion Ross. It's pretty freakin' rockin' if you ask me.

To represent 12 seed Miami, I had to choose between either Rick Ross or Pitbull, and I went with the guy who has a song called Bojangles (Pitbull). How had I never heard this song before? This is the original version, although there's also a remix with Lil Jon and Yin Yang Twins, if that's your thing. I just wanted to go with the pure Pitbull for this purpose. And of course Bojangles Famous Chicken 'N Biscuits is something that any ACC fan should know of, especially UNC fans, who are able to get 2 sausages biscuits for just $2 when UNC scores 100 points in a game. Sadly for them, that has only happened once this season, in the game vs. Presbyterian which was more notable for Roy Williams having a visiting fan thrown out of the Dome for suggesting that Deon Thompson miss a free throw. But I'm getting off on a tangent here. Go ahead and listen to the two songs and vote below.

Southern Lights by Stingy

Malabaster - Southern Lights
Pitbull - Bojangles

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  1. Malabaster were great, but I had to go with the song called Bojangles.